The Techies Behind The Machine

Seyton Hayes CyberSense

Seyton Hayes
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Team member descriptionSeyton is a founding member of Cybersense and was previously Head of IT Security at a large bank. His security skills and penetration testing expertise has saved clients vast amounts of time and money by securing their organisations from people like him but with nasty intentions. He likes to call himself an Ethical Hacker. His concept of pre-warned is pre-armed has culminated in Cybersense’ CyberMon Systems monitoring application which runs at all our client sites and warns us of potential problems which we can then pre-empt. Seyton’s expertise is so well respected in the IT Industry that competitors contract his expertise at times. A real nerd, he works and plays with technology.

Graham Hayes CyberSense

Graham Hayes
Managing Director

Graham has extensive business experience having built up and sold a number of IT related companies over the years. The re-energised Cybersense is his latest venture. When reviewing the Cybersense business model, Graham realised that the IT Security Consulting and Networking and Infrastructure Outsourcing arenas are overtraded. For Cybersense to thrive it needs to operate better and more effectively than it’s competitors. Graham and his son Seyton designed a services model that operates on predetermined objectives that saves clients time and money by pre warning of potential IT Infrastructure failures.

Daniel(Niel) Van Zyl  CyberSense

Daniel(Niel) Van Zyl
Services Manager

Niel epitomises what Cybersense stands for. Immediacy of reaction to client calls, no waiting for service. His recent promotion to this position has allowed him to inculcate this thinking. Cybersense clients love this dedication from Niel always assured that their challenges will be resolved timeously. Niel study’s the Cybermon reports each morning and takes any remedial action to ensure that we at Cybersense and our Clients have no nasty surprises. A study in professionalism, a trusted advisor. All this in someone so young ensures that Cybersense is the organisation to put your trust in when considering the outsourcing of your IT Services.

Jonathen Harding CyberSense

Jonathen Harding
Systems Consultant

Jonathen is Cybersense’ newest staff member having joined 1 April 2016. Maybe that start date wasn’t the wisest career choice. Jonathen has settled in quickly bringing with him an array of IT Networking and Services support skills. Please join us in wishing Jonathen well in his new career here at Cybersense.

Peter Bright CyberSense

Peter Bright
Systems Consultant

Peter’s a highly skilled system’s administrator with a passion for solving troublesome client problems. Peter joined our technical services division in 2015 and quickly established a reputation for stabilising client environments and offering sound technological solutions to client challenges. Peter rises to all challenges when confronted with problems ensuring Cybersense client’s interests are best served. A bit off the wall, Peter’s favourite saying is “I have not lost my mind, it’s backed up on a hard drive somewhere”.