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Why Cloudbacko?

Your data should be protected no matter the incident!

Nefarious forces want your data to exploit and harm you, natural disasters occur and fires can ruin your infrastructure!

Cloudbacko and the IT community know this, and that is why the system they offer is designed to protect and keep your data…yours!


Backup to local and offsite to eliminate data loss possibility

To avoid disastrous data loss, the best practice is to keep at least 3 copies of your data:

  1. One on your original machine;
  2. One to local storage such as a NAS device dedicated for backup;
  3. Another one to offsite storage, either your FTP/SFTP server or your subscribed cloud storage, to prevent local disaster from destroying your local data.

CloudBacko supports a wide-range of public cloud storage from home user grade to enterprise grade for you to choose, including Amazon S3, AWS compatible storagesGoogle Cloud StorageGoogle DriveMicrosoft AzureMicrosoft OneDriveOpenStackRackspace Cloud Files, and Dropbox.


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